Alex Tamayo

February 14, 2013


The Super Bowl provides the largest event for human trafficking in the U.S. For Super Bowl 47 there were 85 prostitution-related arrests in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, with three arrests for human trafficking  — two of whom were underage and had been trafficked from Oklahoma. The low number of trafficking arrest isn’t a surprise because of the difficult nature to investigate the crime.

Next year, the big game heads to MetLife Stadium and with 51 weeks to go authorities and legislators in New Jersey are already moving to curtail any sex trade at an event that routinely generates more than 100,000 visitors. A21 a global non-profit group has begun to create awareness through social media using their hashtag: #shockingtruth and collaborate with authorities throughout the world to stop the trafficking at it’s source. The Super Bowl provides this group and groups like it the largest platform to expose this ongoing problem.

“What the Super Bowl does is draw attention to this issue,” said Laura Murphy, who runs the New Orleans Human Trafficking Working Group. Posters listing the human trafficking hotline number blanketed the French Quarter before the game. The key point, was to continue educating people in the city once the Super Bowl was over, Murphy said.


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