Alex Tamayo

August 19, 2013

pressreleaseSAN MATEO, CA- FanDrafter is a fantasy sports app where users can play a fantasyfootball game with a friend instantly! Their app requires No season long commitment or previous experience necessary. Their app is an industry changing, key advantage over existing mobile apps & websites built around fully customized mobile multiplayer experiences.

“This App is the Fantasy Owners’ and Fantasy Players’ DREAM! FanDrafter’s not only ORIGINAL, but PHENOMENAL.”  – SportsJAMNetwork

FanDrafter was born out of a frustration that the leaders in the fantasy sports industry were undeserving their consumers.

Years ago, FanDrafter CEO, Alex Tamayo and a friend were bragging to each other about their fantasy football teams. Their teams had similar players and both played on the same site. The bragging continued until Alex said, “Hey, it’s just too bad we can’t play against each other,” because the two teams were in two different leagues.

Even though they both played the same game on the same site, neither of them could connect nor challenge each other the way you could with one of todays’ mobile games. Leading sites still force users to create leagues online before the start of the season, commit to a whole season and are ‘private’ by default, where league members can play against each other but can’t play against players or friends from other leagues or random individuals.

After waiting years for a site to offer the type of features and experiences mobile users had grown to expect, in November 2012, FanDrafter released their beta version to test their concept of instant, mobile, fantasy sports; successfully being the first company to offer this innovative gameplay. Now diehard fantasy sports users & casual fans have the freedom to play as many games with as many friends as they’d like with or without being in a fantasy football league.


The key driving forces that set FanDrafter apart from every other fantasy sports platform on the market today are user experience and user engagement.

“FanDrafter is the perfect marriage of two addictions, Fantasy Sports & Mobile Gaming. Our point of view has always been: you shouldn’t be restricted to only playing the same 12 guys in your league, that’s like having a Facebook page that only allows you to have 12 friends! It’s going to change the industry.” – Alex Tamayo,          Co-Founder/CEO, FanDrafter

FanDrafter will launch their app after the start of the 2013 NFL season, between weeks 1 & 3 of the regular season and continue into the NFL playoffs.

“Fandrafter is the perfect blend for all types of players; it’s electrifying and user-friendly for both the beginner and diehard fantasy football player.” – Jarod Stanton, Co-Founder/COO, FanDrafter

About ATROD LLC: Headquartered in San Mateo CA and started by two friends who are fantasy sports enthusiasts with backgrounds in user interface, graphic design, training development, and project management within the tech industry. They made FanDrafter with the help of FANS for FANS because it’s more fun to play whomever, whenever and however you want!

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