Alex Tamayo

August 22, 2013


SAN MATEO, CA- FanDrafter is promoting their fantasy football app through KICKSTARTER.COM which has proven to be an amazing platform for accelerating big and small ideas alike. FanDrafter is a fantasy sports app where users can play a fantasy  football game with a friend instantly! Their app requires No season long commitment or previous experience necessary. Their app is an industry changing, key advantage over existing mobile apps & websites built around fully customized mobile multiplayer experiences.kickdrafter1

“The first word in our name is FAN.Launching a KICKSTARTER campaign allows our fans and supporters to directly connect with us and become part of our story. They’ll help shape the future of the industry and get something cool in return.” – Alex Tamayo, Co-Founder, FanDrafter

“By backing our project on KICKSTARTER, our backers will have a first look and be the foundation for what FanDrafter becomes.”Jarod Stanton, Co-Founder, FanDrafterFanDrafter-Tshirt-BETAtester-composite

To get their supporters excited, FanDrafter is offering some creative rewards in return for backing their project. Their incentives include early access to their app,
flying MVP level donors up to see an NFL game with the company or even helping them develop future versions of the platform.
FanDrafter will launch their app after the start of the 2013 NFL season, between weeks 1 & 3 of the regular season and continue into the NFL playoffs.


About ATROD LLC: Headquartered in San Mateo CA and started by two friends who are fantasy sports enthusiasts with backgrounds in user interface, graphic design, training development, and project management within the tech industry. They made FanDrafter with the help of FANS for FANS because it’s more fun to play whomever, whenever and however you want! SIGN UP FOR FANDRAFTER TODAY!

FanDrafter on Kickstarter: